Steel Mace Full Set

Steel Mace Full Set

SKU: Full Set

LifeX Athletics Steel Mace full set includes one handle assembly and a 7, 10, 15 and 20 pound weight and is the perfect choice for Indian Club Training.

With this set up you can make:

7,10,15,20 lb Maces

7,10,15,20 lb Clubs and

7,10,15,20 lb Shorty Maces.


    1. Don’t leave it fully assembled when not in use. Temperature change can cause the metal to expand making it hard to disassemble. 
    2. Don’t hit things with it. 
    3. They can be dangerous. Don’t use near other people. Use at your own risk.

    Continental U.S. only for the automated checkout. Anywhere else email me and at to discuss options. 


    Refunds on a case by case basis. If something is wrong I will make it right. You can exchange but have to pay the shipping and it has to be in new condition.

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