Quality, Innovation and Education.

Everything we make is made in America and tested for quality. We go above and beyond what other companies are willing to do to provide you with the best, longest lasting piece of equipment that we can make.

Our goal is to provide the best education for steel mace,  Indian club, and anything else that we will produce in the future. We want everyone to know hot to use a steel mace.


This company was founded on quality, attention to detail and dedication. The same elements needed to build a healthy body. Our steel maces, clubs and other products are made in America because we believe in American business and workmanship and wanted to have more control over manufacturing and quality control to give you the best product possible. 


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GADA SWING: Guide For Kettlebell & Steel Mace Strength Training

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Reinventing The Steel Mace


Guide for Indian & Steel Club Strength Training